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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  October 4, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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iran is opening the door of its newly revealed nuclear facility to international inspectors. they just got an okay from tehran to go to the site that has caused so much controversy. strong winds are causing a forest fire to rage out of control in southern california. now people are running from the flames that have already destroyed three homes. nervous. i mean, i went out of the room and back here and just broke down in tears. they are so precious. >> five bundles of joy showed p up three months early. now a family xram scrambling to deal with a life full of quinn tup lets and a set of twins.
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hi. this is sunday morning. details on those stories just ahead. we start with a deadly day for troops in afghanistan. eight u.s. troops and two members of afghanistan's national security force were killed in a battle with militants yesterday. that is the largest number of americans killed by hostile action in a single day since july of 2008. officials say coalition forces fought back after militants launched an attack from a mosque. yesterday's deaths come as president obama tries to make a decision about changing courses in afghanistan. an immediate u.s. withdrawal seems unlikely, but ultimately the president and top commander in afghanistan agree defeating al qaeda is critical to stopping the safe havens from spreading. i believe that the loss of stability in afghanistan brings huge risks that transnational terrorists like al qaeda will operate from inside afghanistan again. >> mcchrystal is calling for faster training of afghan
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forces. earlier efforts to speed train stalled. u.n. inspectors will will start to look at eun's nuclear side on the 25th. talks were held in tehran today. inspectors want to make sure the site is used for peaceful purposes. it's been a big concern since iran revealed the nuclear enrichment plant next month. the u.s. and other countries have been accusing iran of secretly developing a nuclear bomb. president obama said that iran was hiding this plant for year. but iran's leader says that's not true. >> translator: based on what is stated in the regulations, we have made announcement one year before the time we had to out of respect for law and the director general of the iaea and nationally the united states must have known about it. i do not know why mr. obama was not aware of it. >> meanwhile, u.n. experts says iran has all the information it
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needs to design and build a nuclear bomb. a confidential analysis was published yesterday in the "new york times." the same experts say they need more evidence to be sure about the extent of iran's nuclear knowledge. their report says iran got know-how from rogue nuclear scientists and did a lot of research and testing on its own. this if this report is accurate, iran know s more about making bombs than we anticipated. family and friends in chicago said good-bye to a teen beaten to death. derrion albert was attacked by other teens on his way to catch the bus. during his funeral yesterday, some people said, we've had enough. here's wls. >> reporter: they quietly filed into the funeral derrion albert to call for the violence that claimed him to stop. >> a lot of people this young that are just dead, it's --
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there's no purpose. >> reporter: standing room only at this morning's service inside the greater mt. heeb ron church which drew many who called for an end to youth violence. pamela bozly lost her son to gun violence last year. >> i have not been to a child's funeral since my baby, and this was the hardest thing to see another baby land in a casket. >> get in here and do something. i don't want to hear nothing more about the olympics. i don't care. we lost it anyway. get here and make it safe for us to walk down the street. >> reporter: other public figures and jody weis were also among the mourners inside the church where video screens strolled through pictures of derrion as a baby and with his family and also showed photos of his academic awards. some tribute to the teen by wearing t-shirts with his picture. while others wondered when the violence would end. >> with faith in god, things can
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get better but you've got to go for what is right. >> again, that was evelyn holmes from wls. four teens are facing charges in albert's killing. president obama is sending two cabinet secretarieses to chicago on wednesday to talk about school violence. 45-mile-per-hour winds are driving a wilefire in southern california. it's only 5% contained and has burned 1500 acres. three homes have already been destroyed just northeast of san bernardino and dozens of others are threatened right know. people have been taking horses and pets with them as they evacuate. no injuries reported. the fire started saturday afternoon and authorities are trying to figure out what caused it. a fire set on purpose to get rid of forest undergrowth is out of control. it happened 120 miles north of phoenix here. about 1,000 acres have burned, but air tankers are credited for slowing the fire down. dozens of homes have been evacuated. a tennessee mother who was
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stabbed and had her newborn baby kidnapped got to hold him in her armses again. but their reunion didn't last long. the child along with the other three children were placed in state custody yesterday. child protective services said they were taken for safety reasons but wouldn't explain why the kids were considered in danger. investigators found the baby unharmed in a home in alabama and arrested a suspect on kidnapping charges. the death toll from a pair of earthquakes in indonesia could double. that' the word from officials as search and rescue crews spend another day looking for survivors. there's fear that four villages here in western sumatra have been wiped out by mud. the quakes killed more than 700 people and as many as 3,000 could still be buried under mud and debris. that includes hundreds of people trapped in a mosque during a wedding. look at this damage. people are using hammers, chisels, even their bare hands to dig through tdebris.
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hundreds of people from agencies like fema and the red cross are helping samoa dig out of the aftermath from the tsunami. fema says it's provided generators for areas without electricity and the u.s. coast guard is bringing in supplies like meals, water and blankets. in california, groups are collecting donations to send to survivors in the coming weeks. about 40% of the country's samoan population lives in california. a family in buffalo, new york, has just grown from four to nine. and it happened a little sooner than they expected. doctors delivered their quinn tup lets, three girls and two boys, 15 weeks early. mom says all of a sudden thursday her heart started beating quickly and the contractions just wouldn't let up. the delivery caught everyone a bit off guard. >> little scared right now because they're so small, you know. you're used to bringing home a baby that's like this big and they're like a pound. >> four of the five actually weighed anywhere from a pound
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and a half to just under two mounds, which is not bad for 25 weeks. >> the couple already has a twins. now they're scrambling for car seats and a vehicle to carry the entire family. can you imagine? great pumpkins indeed. check this out. 18 huge pumpkins competed in an annual weigh-off in colorado springs yesterday. a forklift was used to move them all to scales because they're so huge. this year's winner came in at exactly 1,000 pounds. second place weighed 954 pounds. wildlife officials in florida are taking bold action of owners of exotic pets, but some say that's unfair. >> i don't feel like the state has any business getting into my affairs. >> how a little girl's death caused officials to crack down and urge people to turn their pets in.
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frustrated pet owners say florida's wildlife authorities' latest push for safety are extreme. they're asking people with exotic animals to turn them in even if they have permits. florida news 13 explains why. >> reporter: if mike looks upset carrying this gym bag it's because max and zora are inside. he told his children this morning he was giving away the burmese buy thpythons. >> they cried. they don't see them as snakes but as family pets. >> reporter: after a 2-year-old was killed by her python, fish and wildlife officials started cracking down. state wildlife authorities require permits. but safety has a reverse effect sometimes. >> what we often find is new legislation gets mentioned on tv people tend to misunderstand and start to release animals. >> reporter: so fish and wildlife partnered with
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gatorland on a amnesty day. the only questions were ones about the snakes. >> and the diet? >> what has happened is that people have been purchasing these things for pets over a long period of time, many years, and the animals have grown. they're either running out of space -- >> reporter: certainly the largest snake brought in today was this 13 1/2-foot-long 80-pound python. he worried about the fines and jail time that permit violators would face so it's time for him to give up his big baby. >> it's punishing people who are responsible with the pets and i don't feel like the state has any business getting into my affairs. >> reporter: their only solace is many of the reptiles will be used for education. the rest will be adopted by licensed handlers. at gatorland, news 13. i'm larry smith. gold star for the nfl. or should i say pink star.
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notorious for their rigid dress code, the league is allowing pink this weekend to recognize breast cancer awareness month. one is wearing pink cleats after his mother got the disease. among those wearing the pink shoes is ryan mults of the houston texans. you may recall he was involved in a hospital parking garage incident after police made a controversial traffic stop and detained him while his mother-in-law was dying of breast cancer. this is why they play the games. after 161 games, the twins and tigers are all tied atop the al central. minnesota has a share of first place for the first time since may having erased a seven-game deficit in less than a month. a tie-breaker if needed would be on tuesday in minneapolis, delayed because of the brett favre bowl monday night. the vikings versus the packers. the alleged stalker of erin andrews has been ordered to los
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angeles for a hearing tomorrow morning to ferm if he can be freed on bond. michael david barrett faces federal charges in making illegal video of andrews putting them on the internet and attempting to them. college football, what a finish in athens, lsu leading 14th ranked georgia. cotts to green with just over a minute left, they're celebrating. they've got the win, they think. one point up. but not so fast. charles scott, look at this, breaks a couple of tackles, and he's gone. the tigers hang on and get the win in the final minute. oh, 20-13. wow. that's sports. it seems that the recession has forced many unemployed women to retool. you're going to meet a few who are learning how to hammer out a career in an industry still dominated by men.
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. japan's foreign minister was found dead in his home. he was 56 years old. he resigned from his in february, three days after
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appearing intoxicated at a news conference. he apologized for his behavior but denied because he was drinking heavily. the daughter of dr. martin luther king jr. may soon head the sown christian leadership conference. she is one of the finalists. if king is chosen, she would become the sclc's first demale president. sarah palin isn't the only member of her family to quick their job. last month her husband, todd, walked away from his oil field job. his resignation comes nearly two months after his wife stepped down as alaska's governor. palin's personal spokeswoman says todd palin is now spending more time with his family. he made a little more than 34,000s working part time for british petroleum as a production operator. he also has a job working in his family's commercial fishing business.
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some women are dealing with tough economic times by putting on a hard hat and hammering out a new career in the construction industry. we look at how a unique training program is giving them a leg up. >> reporter: talk about tools for success. >> don't push it too much. >> reporter: women like janice mccain of maryland are trying to power through tough economic times with a fresh start in an industry still dominated by men, construction. >> i want to get into looking at environmentally friendly ways of building. i want to look at solar thermal energy. if i don't do it now, time is wasting. >> reporter: why? after a career full of office jobs, including at the state department and howard university, mccain found herself unemployed, no job, no income. >> i've just trimmed a lot of corners. i mean, i don't go shopping at the malls. i don't splurge on things that i normally would splurge on. >> reporter: but she says it's
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been a blessing in disguise, a friend from church mentioned a d.c.-based program called wawit, washington area women in the trades, a free training program designed to help low-income women reach financial independence through nontraditional careers like masonry and parp ken tri- >> we have people who come from a diverse background, we have women who have been unemployed for a long time, women returning from incarceration, we have average, everyday women. >> reporter: along with seven weeks of classroom and job site skills training, these women also get physical training. >> because we know when you get out there it's going to be hot, it's going to cold, you'll be doing heavy-duty work. we need you to be prepared physically. >> reporter: for mccain, wawit offered a chance at a childhood dream. it's always been a passion of yours, working with your hands. >> yes. yes. >> reporter: republican contain graduated in august and is working on getting an apresence
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is np. her new goal? to run her own construction company. >> i think if you are woman and interested in construction there shouldn't be a door being blocked from you getting in. this program has opened that door for you. >> definitely opened that door. >> the program's director says that training course started up just over two years ago and so far they've graduated more than 100 women, more than 65% of which they say are either employed or enrolled in an apprenticeship program. a man who has run dozens of marathons in his life says he won't be stopping anytime soon. he says he has years of running left. >> i've got a vision at 92 i will finish my 50th consecutive twin city marathon. >> reporter: he's not doing this just for fun. he says if it wasn't for running he may not be alive. what's going on?
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i'm from the cincinnati bengals. don't forget, cincinnati is my city. and these are some of my best-kept secrets. here at the mt. adams bar and grill, i come here because everybody knows my name. they have good music, bartenders are cool being the food is fas tas tick. we're downtown at tronoff centr it's art central, whether it be musicals, gallery showings. it's a premier place where people can express themselves. we're in eden park, a place where you can bring your family, friends, be by yourself. what's unique about eden park is it's in the city, next to the river and has these magnificent makes. i might wander down with one of my model airplanes. sometimes i'll run my radio controlled cars, other times set off rockets. i sort of live in my own world but take advantage of the space.
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the tour is over. sorry. i have to go. i hope you you enjoyed some of the best-kept secrets of the great town of cincinnati. 
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